The purpose of this article is to get you, the reader, to more fully investigate the claims that there is hidden oil in Israel.  I will be referring to the book "THE GREAT TREASURE HUNT" by Jim Spillman.  I urge you to get your own copy of this book because this book goes into far more detail of the points I will be mentioning in brief.  You can get this book as part of a larger package at http://www.zionoil.com/order-form.html for free.

It was around 1999 when I first heard about a company possibly finding a large oil field in Israel.  At the time I recall the surrounding Middle East oil countries complain that any oil that Israel found would have to had come from the "mother lode" oil pool that fed all of their oil fields.

But in the TORAH in Devarim 33:8-13 (Deuteronomy) when Moshe (Moses) was blessing the various tribes of Israel as they were preparing to enter the land that HASHEM had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it appears that HASHEM was promising oil in these particular verses.

"(Deu 32:8)  When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the children of men, He set the borders of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel.

(Deu 32:9)  For the portion of the LORD is His people, Jacob the lot of His inheritance.

(Deu 32:10)  He found him in a desert land, and in the waste, a howling wilderness; He compassed him about, He cared for him, He kept him as the apple of His eye.

(Deu 32:11)  As an eagle that stirreth up her nest, hovereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her pinions -

(Deu 32:12)  The LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with Him.

(Deu 32:13)  He made him ride on the high places of the earth, and he did eat the fruitage of the field; and He made him to suck honey out of the crag, and oil out of the flinty rock;"

These verses are covered in far more detail in THE GREAT TREASURE HUNT, which is just one part of the larger free package, which includes a DVD, Jerusalem Post article reprint and more.

Those of us who have seen our 50th birthday come and go probably remember the OPEC oil embargo against the United States in the 1970's.  This was caused by the U.S. support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

This boycott clearly demonstrated how vulnerable we were, and still are.  And tiny Israel is even more dependent on foreign oil.

This vulnerability of Israel was the driving force behind the founding of Zion Oil and Gas.  http://www.zionoil.com.  Their purpose is to make Israel energy dependent.  

As their vision statement says, "
From its inception, the calling of Zion Oil & Gas has been to assist Israel in the restoration of the Land by finding and producing oil and gas – helping to make Israel politically and economically independent. We see the State of Israel not only as a refuge for Jews, but as the fulfillment of prophecy: "And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God." (Amos 9:15)"

And as their company history tells us, "Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. was founded by John M. Brown in April 2000 for the purpose of exploring for oil and gas in Israel and reaching production levels that would help Israel become an energy independent country. The company’s founding was the culmination of a 14 year process of laying the groundwork for an oil company that began during Brown’s inspirational visit to Israel in 1985. Zion Oil & Gas was reincorporated in Delaware on July 9, 2003. Our certificate of incorporation provides for the authorization of 20,000,000 shares of common stock, par value $.01 per share. As of September 30, 2007, our issued and outstanding capital securities consist of 10,120,893 shares of common stock, and options and warrants to acquire 444,580 shares of common stock. We currently have more than 6000 shareholders."

  1. Zion is an American oil exploration company that is exploring for Oil & Gas in Israel.
  2. Zion holds petroleum exploration rights in Israel located on areas that, in Biblical times, were in the territories of the Tribes of Manasseh and Asher.
  3. Zion is listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) with the symbol ZN.
  4. Zion is now offering Units to the public at $10 per Unit.
  5. Zion plan a multi-well exploration program. It drilled its first well to 15,842 feet and intends, in 2008, to drill its second well, the Ma'anit-Rehoboth #2, even deeper to the Permian (target depth 18,040 feet). Deuteronomy 33:13-16. The required pipe is already purchased and in Israel.
  6. Zion has a professional and deeply committed team operating from offices located in Dallas, Texas and Caesarea, Israel. (See Psalm 127 and Psalm 133)
  7. Zion intends to donate 6% of its gross revenue to two charitable foundations.
  8. Zion's website is at www.zionoil.com. Please visit the website; you can then learn more about Zion, fill in a contact form and request a free DVD about the Vision for Oil is Israel.




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